Cracked Laptop Screen Repair

In Canberra Computer Repairs it is a pleasure to relive a dead laptop screen. Screen cracks are caused by small scratches, improper storage or falls. If it is not fixed, a small scratch on the screen can cause massive damage and ultimately prevent the screen from showing anything. When it comes to broken screens, we carefully remove the plastic tapes that cover the screws on the LCD screen and unscrew them from the LCD screen frame. Then we transfer the LCD screen from the frame and disconnect it from the inverter. The final process involves removing the LCD screen from the laptop. We install a new LCD screen reversing this process.

Laptop Battery Replacement in The Canberra Dickson

Batteries that run out quickly can be stressful for you and your computer. At Canberra Computer Repairs, we use a remote support service that helps identify the exact components that cause battery drain. We will schedule some time with you to analyze the services and features of your computer that are crucial and should be eliminated.

Laptop battery Replacement

This gives you the opportunity to extend battery life without necessarily destroying vital elements in your laptop. We will guide you through the entire process of safely disabling some of the computer components. The process will help you in the future, in cases that may require you to enable the functions again. Our remote support service is an advantage because you do not need to leave the house if you have problems with the battery. We will help you in the comfort of your living room.

Wi-Fi Repair For Laptop

You may have one or two occasions when your laptop cannot connect to a Wi-Fi network. We can determine the precise reason why this happens, then check the physical Wi-Fi adapter, examine if the driver is damaged or if software causes the problem. We will replace the defective adapter with a new one if we discover that the adapter itself causes the problem. This will make your laptop easily connect to the Internet.

Broken Headphones Connectors

This has probably happened to you or your friend before. Unknowingly, he folded the headphone jack while changing the sitting positions or stood up while his headphones were still connected to the laptop. This damages the headphone jack. Sometimes, the headphone jack stops working out of nowhere, which causes you anguish. We deal with that in Canberra Dickson. We remove and weld a new card when it comes to laptops that have the connector connected to the motherboard.

Canberra Dickson Repair and Overheat Of Computer Fan

You may notice that your computer stops casually. This happens when the laptop’s CPU is cut. Sometimes error messages appear indicating that the fan is broken. We can remove the fan from the laptop and say what the fault is. Sometimes we lubricate the fan when necessary to make it work again. We replace the fan if it cannot be repaired. At Canberra Computer Repairs, we solve all overheating problems and make your laptop run smoothly.

Repair a Portable Keyboard

The keyboard of laptops is damaged all the time with liquid spills and careless handling. You may have a small child in the house who seems fascinated by keyboards. Curious as it may be, the child can try to remove a button, just to ruin his keyboard.

USB Port Repair for Laptop

A laptop is not considered complete without working USB ports. The ports can be used to connect an external keyboard or mouse. Ports are also vital when you want to transfer files from flash drives and external hard drives. The USB ports do not work due to reasons such as outdated drivers, software problems or other problems caused by the USB port itself. We update outdated drivers to ensure their ports work again.

Power Repairs for Laptops

A laptop that is not charging makes you not know what the problem is. At Canberra Computer Repairs, we can identify and repair power problems that your laptop can find. Defective power buttons, broken DC sockets and fried motherboards, broken RAM and short circuits in computer components are some of the things that cause power problems. We disconnect and reconnect each vital element for your computer and diagnose the energy problem. Once this is done, we can change the defective parts and repair your laptop.

PC Repairs of Computers and Laptops Canberra

Sometimes you browse the Internet to find technological parts that can help you repair your computer. This can take hours of searching and more hours trying to solve the problem, while you can save time simply by calling us the laptop. We are professionals and make repairs on time. Call us at 04 9050 2154 or complete the contact form on our website to book an appointment with us.